May every Blue Star Mother, every Silver Star Mother, and every Gold Star Mother across America find this to be a place of peace, a place of hope, and a place of support.

May every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine find resources, a way to network, and the knowledge that there are those who are always standing by to support and care for you.

May our beloved veterans lead and guide us, find friendships and support, and know how much we honor you for all the time given, sacrifices made, and bravery shown.

May our Precious Stars on the home front know how much you are needed and appreciated for all that you do for the troops and veterans, their families, and those who have lost a loved one during the present war and all our country's wars of the past.













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 Hello!!!  My name is Rev. Lin McGee and I am the proud mother of Command Sergeant Major JamesPeter M. Matthews, United States Army and Staff Sergeant Daniel W. Matthews, United States Marines!!!

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I would love to tell you 'all about my boys'!!!  But, for security reasons, I will just say that I could not be more proud of them!!  My heart is over filled with pride, honor, and appreciation for all that they have done for their country, for their beliefs, and for the cause of freedom throughout the world.  I can tell you that both of my sons have served in Operation Enduring Freedom and in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Also, both boys have been in the military since they were seventeen years old!!  They have given much time to support our democratic standards and our national way of life. 


CSM JamesPeter Matthews, US Army



STAFF SGT Daniel Matthews, US Marines





  Please hold them in prayer for their safety, their courage, all that they hold so dear!!

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'Precious Stars' was created to honor my sons and all the other young men and women who are serving our country in the present War Against Terror.  Each one of them is so important to me.  I am hoping that Precious Stars will become a place of comfort, hope, and information for our military, veterans, Gold Star Families, and all the friends and family members who love them.

I wish to be available to people as they travel their journey of being 'military' or part of a military family.  I also wish to provide a place for us to all gather and share.  If you would like information about me personally, please click on the following web page:  www.EagleRockChurch.us/PastorLin.dsp   

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so by any of the following means:


Rev. Lin McGee  111 Marshall St.  Winsted, CT  06098 

Phone: 860-379-1298   

Email:  Rev.Lin.McGee@gmail.com  Email:  Linda.McGee@us.army.mil  




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Before I close, I would also like to say that I am the proud wife of Rev. David McGee who served with the United States Marines in the Vietnam War.  Among his many other  honors and medals, he also received the Cross of Gallantry and two Purple Hearts for his heroic service to his country.  Pastor David was the first veteran in Connecticut to receive the Silver Star Banner for wounds received in war.  He now serves as Chaplain of VFW Post # 296 in Winsted, CT, the American Legion Post # 159 in Riverton, CT, the Iwo Jima Survivors, and the Missing In America Project which honors our veterans who have passed and are still waiting proper burial. 






And my dad, James Peter Funk, served our country during World War II in the Pacific Theater.  He enlisted in a branch of the Navy called the Seebeas and there he served with pride, commitment, and devotion for the cause of freedom!!  I am proud of my dad and all that he did.  You will find his name listed on the honor roll at the World War II  Memorial.








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