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As our military loved ones are serving our country, we should each make sure that we have a current passport and that we keep it in a place where we can locate it quickly if needed.  Though the military can help us with travel should the need arise, it is always less stressful, quicker, and easier to have things ready and prepared for use in the event we should need to reach our loved one's bedside outside of the United States in a hurry.

With your passport, keep handy the following information: name and branch of service, rank, Social Security number, and military unit of your service member.  Place this information in a notebook that does not contain pages that can be removed or ripped out. 

If need be, only notebooks without removable pages (such as a composition book) can be used for legal purposes.  Keep all information in relation to your service member's injury in this one notebook.  Place the notebook inside of a zipped holder so that the notebook and the paperwork that is handed to you can be kept together securely.

The notebook and it's zipped holder will also be necessary in relation to our injured service members who are within the United States.  And remember, whether home or abroad, 'keep it simple'.  Flat easy to wear shoes, slacks and tops, a sweater for warmth.   All things should be easy to 'layer' in case of temperature change.

Remember to place all items that are valuable and can not be lost inside of a fanny pack to be kept close at all times.  Things may happen fast and you may not always be able to drag a larger 'bag' with you at all times.  For the larger 'bag' itself, use a backpack, it will keep your hands free and allow you more ease while traveling to or with your service member.

   Keep your backpack packed and kept aside (for us mamas -- that would be the same as when you were waiting for that ride to the hospital when your child was to be born).  Keep it ready with the simple clothing you will need, personal necessities, and your medications (or a list of them to refer to if you need to grab them quickly).  For personal necessities, remember that for carry on items, air lines limit to 3 oz. items such as hand lotion, mouth wash, shampoo.....  place each of these inside of a plastic zip sandwich bag.

Be 'ready to go' without having the extra stress of 'getting ready'.  Be sure to have in place a 'care list'.  Do you have children, elderly parents, or pets that will need care if you are away for a period of time?  Have a team in place that will be able to step in quickly to care for them.  Have a list of phone, email, or other types of contact information written in your notebook that you will need to reach these people quickly and easily.

Also keep a list handy for the person that will be caring for your home or personal business.  Have the list ready, you don't need to be trying to think of things and write them down while getting ready to go or while you are away.  List phone numbers, instructions,  and other information they may need.

And, speaking of phone numbers, if you will be away from your home (perhaps on vacation or staying with a relative?) -- make sure your loved one's military unit knows how to reach you where you will be.



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Friends Who Have Organizations That Serve The Wounded




Founder - Peggy Baker

A Message From The Website of Operation First Response; Here the OFR Team Tells About Their Mission
The Mission of Operation First Response, Inc (OFR) is to support our nation's wounded Heroes and their families with personal and financial needs.

What that means to the staff of OFR has grown and changed to expand to the needs of our families. OFR staff members consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to lighten the load of our wounded and their families. We have seen devotion beyond words from family members to their loved ones. Mothers, Fathers, spouses and extended family and friends who have spent endless hours at the bedside of their loved one, because of the severity of many of the injuries this journey can last for several months and for others...several years.

For many of our families the financial hardship begins quickly and for others it is after the domino effect of extra costs and lost wages. At whatever stage they are in when they contact OFR we are committed to doing all we can to support these families because it is our responsibility as American citizens, the heart of OFR is exactly what makes Amercia great... we know that our Freedoms are not free and we are committed to those who make those Freedoms possible.

There are different ways that a wounded Hero may enter into the OFR family:

Some beginning at a combat support hospital in Iraq or Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany where a wounded or injured service member may receive an OFR backpack filled with a new set of clothing, travel size hygiene products, a handmade blanket and a phone card to ensure they have needed items until they return stateside.

Many wounded service members were informed of OFR through our Vice President, Carolyn Crossley, who was a nurse at LRMC. She gave out OFR information and ensured our wounded Heroes that there was help waiting for them and their families stateside. At that time many service members contacted OFR or gave their family the information as to how to contact OFR. After three years of devotion to our wounded, Carolyn has returned stateside with her family and they are stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, where Carolyn has continued to devote endless hours to OFR and our Nation's wounded Heroes. She left Germany with strong bonds for OFR to continue their services to the wounded through Marine and Army liaisons. We will be forever grateful to her for her devotion to our special Heroes and giving them the sense of having a "Mom" there with them in a time of need.

Several unit Family Readiness Groups (FRG) from bases across the United States have heard of the services provided by OFR and they contact us directly to obtain help for their wounded.

Families search for help via the internet after their family member is wounded. Upon finding our website, families have the option of requesting our services via email or telephone.

Many wounded service members who have received OFR services refer fellow comrades to us for help.

Wounded service members and their families learn of OFR services through government organizations that provide resource information to the wounded.

OFR's President, Peggy Baker makes frequent visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC), this enables OFR to assist the families in a one on one interaction.

Whatever way any of our wounded and their families come into our path they soon learn that they are part of the OFR family. We will always try to be a voice and ready to help in the needs of those we assist.

The staff members of OFR have worked together with our wounded and their families with compassion and understanding to provide an answer to their needs. Taking the time needed to hear their concerns and find appropriate answers and resources to fulfill those needs. We have become seasoned with compassion and understanding in what our families will need to overcome the long road ahead. Realizing that a very large part of what we do is listening and gathering valuable resources ro help them with the multitude of issues that arise.

OFR financial aid varies as each case is based on individual needs ranging from :

1) Rent/mortgage payments

2) payment of over due utilities

3) vehicle payments and repairs

4) groceries

5) clothing

6) air transportation

7) ground transportation which includes taxi rides to and from DC area airports, dollars given to purchase gas for traveling by car to medical facilities and train tickets

8) personal requested items by service members and their families

Most importantly OFR keeps in mind that families will continue to present new issues that will broaden the scope of services provided by OFR.

OFR staff members are honored to have become a very important part of the recovery of so many wounded service members, we are thought of as family and do not take that responsibility lightly. Our families know they are respected and their privacy is of the utmost importance to us. If their need is out of our financial abilities or scope we will spend as much time as possible on finding other resources that can meet that need.

It is our sincerest hope to educate Americans across the nation to the needs our wounded are facing, we believe with all our hearts that by giving them the respect and honor rightfully due them we will be able to give them the hope of a promising future.
In doing this we will ensure that all that have worn the "Uniform" will be an instant reminder to all Americans that a Hero stands before us...one of courage, strength and love for their country and whether their injuries are visible or not...
We will never forget... all gave some and some gave all!




Founder - John Gonsalves










Founder - Marshall Tall Eagle



Dear Relatives and Friends,
Conducting a Talking Circle with combat wounded Marines is very humbling.  I listen as I hear about the demons of war that has come back with these brave young fighting men and women.  Their hearts and souls hurting with a deep undiscripable lasting pain, and durgs do not help erase those demons.
To listen and watch their faces as they relate the horrors of combat, losing friends, right before their eyes, while taking fire from the enemy and being wounded themselves.  Yet they talk about going back to that place that took their spirits away from them.
It is our Native way to bestow honor upon all warriors, yet I felt not qualified.  As a warrior of the Vietnam war I thought I was really to be with these heroes of freedom.  I was wrong, for this is their day, their time, their war, their pain.
By the last day I realize that all they wanted was someone to listen, someone to care, someone to hug and for them to hear the words, "hey man it's going to get better, just take life a minute at a time, smile and be proud.  Then honor them as we Native American Indians know how.
We placed the "Warriors Medal of Valor" around the neck, shook hands, saluted and gave them words of encouragement, yes the tears were apparent as was the heart felt truth of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of warriors old and new standing together for the Great Cause of Freedom. What a sight to see these young fighting men and women dancing in the grand entry of our pow wow with their drums in hand, keeping in time with our pow wow drums, it was an awesome time.
I was in total honor like never before in my life all 72 years of life.
Please take time out of your life and pay tribute and honor to our young fighting men and women returning home from combat tours of duty.
It is our mission to honor as many of our combat wounded military people and we sure could use your help.  But it takes funds to get the job done, to my knowledge we are the only organization in the US that conducts workshops, talking circles, the making of hand drums and holding a "Welcome Home" ceremony, pow wow and honoring ceremony all in a 4 day period of time.  We have been invite back. 
God Bless All our Troops
May Creator Bless You
Marshall "Tall Eagle"
2440 Meadow Lane
Woodburn, OR. 97071
503-982-2505 Office
503-989-0645 cell
Please find Marshall on Facebook:








Military Order of the Purple Heart - Wounded Warrior Leave Program 

Annual Wounded Warrior Christmas Leave Fundraiserholly-large.gif - 1568 Bytes

The Annual Wounded Warrior Christmas Fundraiser is organized by the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  Please find them on Facebook.  Donations made to them help send wounded warriors home for Christmas each year. 
You can find information on the Military Order of The Purple Heart on their website at:


"It is the Mission of this organization to recognize the Courage, Heroism, and contributions of American service personnel found to have been exposed to Agent Orange Dioxins, chemicals and biological exposures and bring it to the attention of the Veterans and civilian community in America with the presentation of the Prestigious Silver Rose Award to all whom are eligible."


AMERICAN LEGION  Heroes to Hometowns

The National American Legion's Heroes to Hometowns Program assists in transitioning disabled members of our Armed Services from Military Severely Injured Centers back to their homes. The care the Legion provides does not stop there, it is there for as long as the disabled service member needs it.


An alphabetical directory of American Legion Post locations in all 50 States.



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