HARTFORD — Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered U.S. and Connecticut flags lowered to half-staff Thursday in honor of a soldier from Bridgeport killed this week in a roadside bombing in Iraq.

Army Pfc. Stephen K. Richardson, 22, died Tuesday when the bomb exploded near his vehicle, the Department of Defense said Wednesday. The blast also killed another soldier in his unit. They were soldiers with 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry, 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, based in Fort Riley, Kansas.

On a myspace.com page attributed to Richardson, he wrote that he "is a proud new daddy to my daughter, Iyana.

"I'm still just a kid at heart. I like to watch cartoons and play video games," he wrote. "I'm just a very laid back guy who takes the time to appreciate the small things in life."

Richardson last logged onto his myspace page Tuesday —the day he died.

He's the 38th person with Connecticut ties who has died since March 2002 in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Private Richardson and thousands upon thousands of brave men and women like him serve our nation our every day," Rell said. "Our gratitude runs deep, especially when such a young life is ended so soon. On behalf of all of Connecticut I extend condolences and prayers for comfort to his family — here in Connecticut, his wife and daughter in Kansas and his relatives in Jamaica."

Flags will remain at half-staff until Richardson is buried. Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

Bridgeport Mayor John Fabrizi extended his city's sympathy to Richardson's family.

"Private Richardson served our country with courage and conviction," Fabrizi said. "Every time we lose a soldier in combat it's heartbreaking, biut it is even more so when it's one of your own and when it is someone so young. Private Richardson has made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and for that we are humbled and deeply grateful."

According to the Associated Press, 37 members of the armed services and civilians with Connecticut ties who have died since March 2002 in Iraq and Afghanistan. They include:

Air Force Tech. Sgt. John Chapman, 36, March 4, 2002, Afghanistan

Marine Staff Sgt. Phillip Jordan, 42, March 23, 2003, Iraq

Marine Cpl. Kemaphoom Chanawongse, 22, March 23, 2003, Iraq

Army Pfc. Wilfredo Perez Jr., 24, July 26, 2003, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. Richard S. Eaton Jr., 37, Aug. 12, 2003, Iraq

Army Sgt. David Travis Friedrich, 26, Sept. 20, 2003, Iraq

Army Pfc. Anthony D'Agostino, 20, Nov. 2, 2003, Iraq

Army Sgt. Maj. Philip Albert, 41, Nov. 23, 2003, Afghanistan

Army Pfc. Jeffrey Braun, 19, Dec. 12, 2003, Iraq

Army Capt. Eric Paliwoda, 28, Jan. 2, 2004, Iraq

Army Sgt. Benjamin Gilman, 28, Jan. 29, 2004, Afghanistan

Army Spc. Tyanna Avery-Felder, 22, April 7, 2004, Iraq

Army (National Guard) Sgt. Felix Del Greco, 22, April 9, 2004, Iraq

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathan B. Bruckenthal, 24, April 24, 2004, Iraq

Army Spc. Jacob David Martir, 21, Aug. 18, 2004, Iraq

Eric Miner, 44, employee of U.S. security firm DynCorp, Oct. 14, 2004, Iraq

Army Chief Warrant Officer William Brennan, Oct. 15, 2004, Iraq

Marine Cpl. Kevin Dempsey, 23, Nov. 13, 2004, Iraq

Army Sgt. Joseph Michael Nolan, 27, Nov. 18, 2004, Iraq

Army Lt. Col. Michael J. McMahon, 41, Nov. 27, 2004, Afghanistan

Army (National Guard) Staff Sgt. Henry E. Irizarry, 38, Dec. 3, 2004, Iraq

Army (National Guard) Spc. Robert Hoyt, 21, Dec. 11, 2004, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. Thomas E. Vitagliano, 33, Jan. 17, 2005, Iraq

Barbara Heald, 60, civilian employee of the Army, Jan. 29, 2005, Iraq

Marine Lance Cpl. Lawrence Philippon, 22, May 8, 2005, Iraq

Lance Cpl. John T. Schmidt III, 21, May 11, 2005, Iraq

Army Spec. Christopher Hoskins, 21, June 21, 2005, Iraq

Army Maj. Steve Reich, 34, June 28, 2005, Afghanistan

Marine Sgt. David Coullard, 32, Aug. 1, 2005, Iraq

Marine Capt. Brian S. Letendre, 27, May 3, 2006, Iraq

Marine Cpl. Stephen Bixler, 20, May 4, 2006, Iraq

Marine Cpl. Jordan C. Pierson, 21, Aug. 25, 2006, Iraq

Marine Lance Cpl. Philip Johnson, 19, Sept. 3, 2006, Iraq

Army Pfc. Nicholas A. Madaras, 19, Sept. 3, 2006, Iraq

Army Capt. Jason Hamill, 31, Nov. 26, 2006, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. Joseph E Phaneuf Jr., 38, Dec. 15, 2006, Afghanistan

Army Sgt. Richard L. Ford, 40, Feb. 20, 2007, Iraq

Army Pfc. Stephen K. Richardson, 22, March 20, 2007, Bridgeport, Conn., Iraq